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Dogs are finally freed from chains

It?s never a diagnosis anyone wants but it doesn?t mean all the fun activities you once enjoyed are over. Treatment options vary depending on where your dog?s arthritis is and how severe it is. What I found even more interesting was that dogs seem unreceptive to a skunks warning signals; perhaps it is knowledge they?ve lost through domestication. Did Your Dog Get Skunked? There?s an Easy Household Remedy Never had to try this before but apparently hydrogen peroxide does the trick. So How Do You Exercise a Dog With Arthritis? Exercising with arthritis is a balancing act; too much can cause pain, and too little . This post is meant for informational purposes to show that arthritic dogs can (and should) remain active. I try to keep our walks interesting by switching trails & parks regularly. You may also want to discourage sitting pretty or having your dog walk on their hind legs since it causes a lot of stress on those joints. You could also use a hot water bottle, blanket, or any of the store bought heating options available for pets ? just make sure it?s not too hot before you place it on your dog. Ease of activities such as climbing stairs, jumping into a car or truck, and even getting up from a sitting position can improve dramatically with weight loss. You guys really are the best. After awhile I finally realized that Laika doesn?t seem to mind her new routine at all; she?s just as happy and ready to go as she ever was. Short, Gentle Play Sessions Try some short sessions of tug or fetch. Laika still swims, walks, hikes, tugs, fetches, does nose work, and plays lots of games. So throughout the day add in a few extra games and activities for your dog to enjoy in doors. These aren?t your typical pointers which is why I find this article so valuable. Research has shown that there seems to be a direct correlation between a dogs playfulness and his trainability. We still go for adventures everyday and play lots of tug. ? Start With a Warm Up Many arthritic dogs are particularly stiff when they first get up. I also let her stop and smell the roses ? but in her case that?s just code for messing with dead animals & poop. Always a sucker for these sorts of ?freedom? photos; especially when it?s helping to spread the word that a life on a chain isn?t much of a life at all. And on those days she gets pain relievers and plenty of rest. Although it?s fun to watch our dogs roughhouse and jump around it can cause those joints a lot of stress and pain later. Dogs teach us various lessons; and living for the moment is one Laika?s taught me.Roundup 17 ? Favorite Dog Articles, Deals, & Videos of the Week Last updated on July 10, 2015 By Puppy Leaks Monday marks the one year anniversary of Puppy Leaks; I still can?t believe it?s been a year already. Here?s 5 exercises that are great for dogs with arthritis. Perfect for summer these recipes really are simple and it?s an easy way to impress your dog by showing off your ?cooking? skills. Time really does fly when you?re having fun.? Engaging in various activities every day is keeping her happy and healthy; not the lack of previous habits. Talk to your veterinarian about pain management options, and find a medication that works for your dog. It doesn?t have to be one epic walk a day either; you can take your dog on a couple shorter walks throughout the day to keep them moving. 3. If your dog is achy afterwards it means they session was too long, or that the activity itself is too high impact. I just get so excited and want my new canine friend to meet everyone in the world right away. So how do you figure out what exercises you can still enjoy with your dog? Laika and I have been trying various routines trying to come up with one that doesn?t cause her discomfort or pain. Don?t Forget to Add in Some Mental Exercises Keeping your dog fit & healthy isn?t just about adding in more physical exercise to their daily routine. Depending on your dogs condition you might want to start off with a few short hikes to make sure they?re comfortable and not showing any signs of discomfort afterwards. But when it comes to exercising your arthritic dog those sudden bursts of activity can cause added stress and injury. ? Avoid Running & Jumping Exercises Dogs with arthritis should not be encouraged to jump or run around excessively. Swimming By far the most popular exercise choice due to it?s low impact on joints. 4. 2. Each dog is unique, and your veterinarian will help you come up with a? management plan suited for your dog. Even with precautions Laika still has bad days every once in a while. There will be more thank yous & shot outs on Monday?s anniversary post. But low-impact exercise such as walking combined with a diet is extremely beneficial to arthritic pets. They relieve inflammation and can help cartilage regeneration. This post contains affiliate links; if you make a purchase I might earn a small commission. An arthritis diagnosis doesn?t mean your dog can?t be active, it?s just a matter of changing up your routine. Introduce New Exercise Routines Slowly Most of us work during the week and try and cram as much activity into our weekends as possible (aka being a weekend warrior). I was the one dwelling on the past and thinking of the ?what ifs. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. 5 Low Impact Exercises for Dogs With Arthritis Just because your dog has arthritis doesn?t mean they have to stop exercising. Favorite Dog Articles of the Week Interesting look into the different reactions our dogs have when viewing familiar faces on tv & tablets. This training method is broken down and easy to follow with a great video as well; I?d recommend this article for anyone working with multiple dogs. In the past I?ve definitely been guilty of some of these. Featuring some cool gadgets and apps that aim to make life easier for you and your pet. Staying active will help keep your dogs muscles strong, as well as improving circulation to those achy joints. Awesome Infographic of the Week This weeks infographic comes from the nonprofit in Sydney, Australia. All dogs can benefit from more and . I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. It aims to provide families with a pet Wheelchair that is ideally suited to their needs while giving those greyhounds not suited to, or ready to complete their life as an athlete. Great reminder of how much information our dogs are taking in by all the various smells they come across. Find a Medication That Relieves Arthritis Pain Unfortunately arthritis is progressive, and there will still be days when your dog shows discomfort. Cool Down Period aka Massage Time At the end of an exercise take some extra time to relax and concentrate on making your dog comfortable. Without further ado here?s our favorite dog articles, deals, & videos of the week. I also give her a nice doggie massage after the heat treatment. Massages help increase the circulation to those joints and although I don?t know how much it?s helping in the long run I can tell you she really enjoys it. Maintaining a Healthy Weight Helps With Arthritis If your dog is overweight those extra pounds are causing extra stress on his already achy joints. Heat can help soothe achy joints so I often warm up a heating pad and put it on her hips for 10 minutes.) via / Best Dog Deals of the Week Amazon ? 50% off Majestic Pet Amazon ? 38% off in Black Best Bully Sticks ? 15% Off Entirely Pets ? $5 off $40 w/code Entirely Pets ? $15 off $100 w/code thru 07/01 Only Natural Pet ? Save thru 06/20 Favorite Dog Videos of the Week What?s the deal with that wet dog smell? Here?s the science behind that familiar scent. Try out a few indoor games to see which activities your dog enjoys. Leash Walking Walking around the neighborhood or at a nearby park is an easy way to keep our dogs active. Don?t dwell on what your dog can?t do; think of all the you can still enjoy together. There are a wide variety of management options available. Heartwarming story of a therapy dog helping a boy with autism. Swimming is a non weight bearing exercise that will help increase your dogs range of motion and build up muscle mass. Numerous studies have been done that show reducing weight leads to significant improvement in quality of life. If you enjoyed this post please share ? Recommended Reading. Ok so I was sold immediately with the word laziest. Most dogs move around much easier once they?ve walked around for a minute or two. I don?t know if Laika would recognize me on tv but she sure recognizes wild life; she gets up to look behind it wondering where the heck that monkey?s hiding. Please share with your friends. If you suspect your dog may have arthritis make an appointment with your veterinarian. Don?t have a regular place to go swimming? Check to see if there are any canine friendly hydrotherapy centers, pools, public beaches, or dog parks with a water feature available in your area. You can help them out by starting any exercise with a short, low impact walk to help get those joints moving. A veterinarians comprehensive take on the Blue Buffalo lawsuit (including their counter suit); great read for anyone not caught up on the pending litigation. After a physical examination your vet will discuss which options are best for your dog. There?s physical therapy, surgery, supplements, exercise routines, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medications. Some dog?s may benefit from daily medication, while others may only need to take pain relievers on bad days. Arthritic dogs don?t like to exercise, leading to more weight issues, leading to more arthritis ? it?s a vicious circle. Lack of activity leads to the condition worsening, causing joints to become even more achy and stiff. Proper weight management through exercise & diet changes can help ease many arthritis symptoms. I have enough on my plate trying to train one dog; I couldn?t imagine handling more. A few easy ways to give your dog some more mental stimulation is by giving them a puzzle toy, a stuffed Kong, playing a game of tug or simply letting them sniff around & explore while out on your daily walk. The Symptoms of Canine Arthritis Do you suspect your dog might have arthritis? The most are: Limping (especially after exercise & ) Difficulty getting up Lameness in legs Muscle atrophy (losing muscle mass) Dogs with arthritis also tend to lick their affected limbs more often, and some can develop spinal issues that can lead to a hunched posture. (and puppy massages, but that?s optional) Glucosamine supplements are recommended for arthritic dogs, and they?re widely available at pet stores or online. Sometimes we should stop and let them smell the roses (or doggie butts). There?s plenty of low impact activities you can still enjoy together. 80% of Dogs Have Arthritis By The Age of 8 By the time a dog reaches the age of 8 he has an of having arthritis; and 20% of dogs are already showing signs of the disease by the age of 1. One of the best doggie reunion videos I?ve seen in awhile. But for now it?s the weekend; a nice time to catch up with some good reads. The community of pet bloggers I?ve connected with are the most wonderful bunch you could ever hope to meet. Many dogs are still able to in short sessions, and some can play fetch indoors if it?s on a softer surface such as carpet. Short Hikes Try finding a trail that?s level and doesn?t have much of an incline. If your dog has arthritis avoid activities that promote a lot of jumping or running such as frisbee and long distance fetch. Your Arthritic Dog Can Still Be Active & Have Fun It might take some trial and error to find the right amount of exercise that?s right for your dog. You can teach your dog some basic such as ?find the treats,? use interactive toys, or play hide and seek. (There?s an awesome nonprofit here in Michigan called that helps free dogs from life on a chain. I play fetch with Laika in the living room; the carpet is a nice soft surface, and I bounce the ball rather than encouraging her to jump and catch it. There?s been a lot of trial and error, but I?m finally confident enough to say we?ve come up a pretty good (and fun) exercise routine that doesn?t leave her sore afterward. By those statistics managing arthritis is something many of us dog owners will have to do at some point in our dogs lives. is a not for profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW. If your dog has trouble afterwards switch up the routine to something a little gentler. 1. Since I?ve got a regular 9-5 job finding a creative outlet I enjoy has been nothing short of amazing. Here?s how we did it. And while keeping your arthritic dog active might seem contradictory the right amount of exercise can help keep your dog mobile and in shape. One theory is that the more playful a dog is the more interested in human interactions he is thus making him more attentive to his owners communications. ? Chili Davis What Low Impact Exercises Does Your Dog Enjoy? How do you exercise your arthritis dog? Do you go swimming a lot with your dog? Do you try and get in a daily walk or two? Did I miss any activities you still enjoy with your arthritic dog? I am not a veterinarian; please consult a professional if you suspect your dog has arthritis or if you want help coming up with a management plan for the condition. ? Recommended Reading How to Exercise a Dog With Arthritis Last updated on August 13, 2021 By Puppy Leaks Does your dog have arthritis? My dog was diagnosed last year at the age of 3, to say I was surprised is a bit of an understatement. Try to maintain an exercise program you can do daily (or every other day), rather than one intense workout on the weekend. Consult Your Veterinarian First If you suspect your dog has arthritis you should consult your veterinarian first. Here?s some simple tips on how to exercise a dog with arthritis. Pay attention to your dog afterwards to watch for any signs of discomfort. Watch your dog afterwards for any signs of discomfort. Indoor Games & Activities are an easy way to keep our dogs entertained and active, especially when the weather isn?t great. 5. It took me awhile to learn that lesson. Unfortunately there isn?t a cure, but there are many ways to manage?. It?s taken a lot of trial and error and we?ve been working closely with our vet the entire time

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